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Charity update

After exorcising a few online fundraising doubts in my last post, two things have happened: I have signed up for tomorrow’s Thames Path Challenge with our new friends actionchallenge.com, for which I will not be fundraising (too short notice). And I have committed to taking part in the CEO Sleepout at Wembley Stadium on 13th October, for which I am raising money.

This is a charity established by Andy Preston, a friend of mine and man who’s doing lots of good work in his beloved Middlesbrough, where he is also standing for mayor.

You can visit my fundraising page here, if you fancy it.


Without getting too political, many more ordinary families are now increasingly being confronted with the threat of homelessness as austerity measures begin to bite. In the spirit of the Big Society, as I understand it, those of us fortunate enough to be amongst the haves are obliged to support the have nots directly, rather than via anything as old-fashioned as taxation or a cohesive social housing policy.

This article convinced me to take part. Maybe it will convince you to donate.




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