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Sun logic

I try not to get too wound up by tabloids – really I do – because most of them are effectively indulging in old-school trolling. The only thing that’s more soul-destroying than accidentally catching a glimpse of the front cover of the Daily Mail is being exposed to some of their readers’ online comments, so I do my level best to avoid both.

But today’s Sun was especially irritating, as it took a subject about which they should rightly be furious – the eviction of some residents from a housing estate by a rapacious US developer – and instead used their precious (front page) column inches to settle a score with Russell Brand.

If you haven’t seen the paper today, it calls the Allardyce-kissing fop a hypocrite because while fighting the corner for those New Era estate residents about to be turfed out of their homes before Christmas, he has the temerity to pay rent to a landlord who avoids tax. If that sentence is confusing, read it again slowly: you’re right, it is confusing.

Thankfully, Twitter-users were ahead of me and #thesunlogic was trending straight away. But sometimes, mildly amusing satirical tweets aren’t enough to make things clear, so here it is in just over 140 characters…

Let’s not mince words: if you’re still buying the Sun after Hillsborough, after the Leveson Inquiry, after remembering that it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch – a bitter, dangerous, climate-change denying shitbag – you…well, you’re probably not reading this blog, let’s be honest. This latest incident is simply the latest episode in their sorry history. But they’re normally vindictive rather than out and out dense: this story has a bewilderingly flawed piece of logic at its heart.

It’s the same logic employed by anyone who’s ever uttered the phrase “Champagne Socialist”; which is a handy epithet in that it saves me wondering whether they’re an idiot: I know straight away.

As Brand himself put it: I can afford to pay my rent but choose to stand up for those who can’t. Is that really so hard to understand? Apparently if you’re the Sun, the answer is yes.

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