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Yes, I can hear you Clem Fandango.

In those interminable days between Christmas and New Year, when the next live game on Sky is something like West Brom v Leicester and the prospect of eating anything else makes you nauseous, you’ll need something to lift your spirits. Possibly.

In which case, may I suggest Toast of London on 4OD? If you haven’t seen either of the two series so far, have a look. Occasionally bewildering but more usually inspired, and sometimes flat-out genius, Matt Berry and Arthur Mathews’ sitcom has introduced a new catchphrase (see title), based on the name of an imaginary ad creative.

I’ve sat through hundreds of voiceover recordings, basically playing Clem’s role, and the recurring sketches set within the studio on Toast are simply brilliant, inspired apparently by a session in which one of the creatives sat with their back to Matt Berry for the duration.

One of the wonderful things about the ad industry – and there are many – is that you’re effectively thrown in at the deep end and told to get on with it. Which is how I found myself directing radio ads and ad VOs from the age of 19, with little or no idea what I was doing.

I’m pretty sure if I could watch myself telling Miranda Richarson exactly how I wanted her to enunciate the VO for my Munchies TV ad I would cringe, but it all turned out ok. Unlike the time that Phil (art director) described Peter Serafinowicz (inaccurately) as a “poor man’s Martin Clunes” when the feedback mic was still open. Oops…


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