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Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba b-b-ba, ba ba ba ba ba ba ba baaa BA!

That’s the Pearl & Dean theme, if you’re wondering.

Anyhow, I paid a rare visit to the cinema on Saturday night. I saw Birdman – it’s good, you should go and see it – and thankfully a reasonably mature audience didn’t interrupt my enjoyment of the film with their mobiles once.

So far, so dull. But the reason I am writing this piece is that the only pass-remarkable aspect of the evening was the audible contempt my fellow moviegoers directed at the terrible ads preceding the film.

I remember the days when sometimes the commercials were better than the movies, and even if they weren’t, were guaranteed to raise the occasional laugh. This selection was risible, including the most deluded piece of media buying for this execrable ad…

They actually had the gall to run the first three seconds of the ad as a teaser THREE TIMES at the start of the commercials. As if anyone gave a toss about the 57 seconds of guff that follow it.

I know this is a piece of Eurotrash but the British public deserves better than this. Still, at least I remembered this being shown, because four days on I can’t recall anything else.



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