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Bad puns and good wine

Noticeably, the agency hasn’t blogged in a while. If you are a current or prospective client, you may see this as a sign of a hard working agency. And I can confirm that we have actually been very busy (partying).
Being employee of the month for over two years now, I’ve finally found some time to write a blog piece. As you will notice while reading, I’m not much of a blogger, Instagram is more my thing #bigpicturesmallcaption but here goes…
For almost a decade now, we have worked closely with our lovely clients at Inter Rhône/Côtes du Rhône. Creating some very exciting campaigns for the brand; establishing a strong visual illustrative style and producing annual creative event branding. Not forgetting the iconic heels image (which has most definitely stood the test of time at 8 years and still running).

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.27.57

Back in December we received a much anticipated visit from France to brief us on the branding for a one-off Wine Trade/Press concert they were sponsoring. This huge event was in aid of Wine Relief, a wine trade fundraising initiative for Comic Relief. And it would be known as ‘Skin Contact Live!’.
I know what you’re thinking: ‘Skin Contact Live’? What kind of obscure event is this?
We thought the same. But after a swift Google we were pleased to find out that it is in fact wine terminology; it refers to the length of time a grape skin touches the juice as it turns into wine. You learn something new every day.
Once we moved on from the name, we created a striking illustrated campaign. The illustrations were then pumped out hard and fast at every touch point possible: email, post, social media, trade websites and magazines, the event website and the blog.
Then it was time to get cracking on making the event as memorable as possible; plans to flood the venue in red lighting, cover the bare walls in illustrations, erect an LED screen for the band, dress the band, create a social media photo booth area, design LP covers for tasting booklets – complete with fantastic puns – and produce giveaway merchandise (like a real gig!). It all went exactly to plan…

“Thank you for the amazing job… and making it magical“
Agnes Heller, Inter Rhône/Côtes du Rhône

“We’ve never had the pleasure of working on an event like this where there has been a budget for creative branding. And we absolutely LOVED it! We all got such a buzz out of arriving at the venue, and seeing the Skin Contact/Cotes du Rhone logos and images everywhere. And the photo booth idea was absolutely inspired. Thanks for making the evening such a colourful and fun one!”
Emma Wellings, Emma Wellings PR

Great work is the key to a happy client and receiving positive feedback from them is what makes me proud to be a suit.
Come to think it of it, I’m pretty proud of my first blog post. As Heather Small would say, “what have you done today, to make you feel proud?”
R x


Here I am with our lovely client Agnes and Hank Marvin from the Shadows (or so I am told by my elderly colleagues).

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.23.05

The Skin Côntact LP sleeve created for the tasting notes.

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