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The Call to Adventure – an old narrative for a new generation

Maybe, just maybe, the world is waking up from the longest recessionary hangover any one can remember. Fun it wasn’t.

Those at the bottom of the economic supply chain – the new cohort of undergraduates, will be excused for still feeling that things have never been more treacherous as they scramble for the nearest career ladder.

However, for the established world, and in particular, the world of power brands, things are now emerging onto the sunny uplit plains. The net accumulated weight of advertising investment looks like it is paying back handsomely.One such brand, Johnnie Walker, continues its seemingly inexorable rise at the top of the global spirits market. In the latest Drinks 50 report from Brand Finance on the worlds most valuable drinks brands, the House of Walker has retained its position as the most valuable sprits drinks brand in the world this year achieving a 13% increase in value. Johnnie Walker’s brand value now stands at $5.6bn, more than than $1bn more than its nearest rival, Moutai. Although Walker may be travelling through choppy water in the US, the brand has soared on the back of some very clever portfolio segmentation and super charged growth in the super premium sectors where Blue Label, Double Black and Platinum are roaring ahead.

Such success hasn’t always been the case but the Johnnie Walker brand narrative …The Heroes Journey, has served it well. Essentially this is a story of progress through adversity. A ‘call to adventure’ is at first resisted then accepted with gusto. This adventure calls for committment and allies and often means crossing a threshold of no return. Soon the adventure leads to crisis and the staring into the abyss of failure. At this point the depth of the protagonists character is summoned; a moment of revelation and learning follows and personal growth is assured and adversity overcome. Phew. This was indeed the true story of Johnnie Walker who overcame severe hardship before establishing global markets and tapping into the psyche of hard working folk really earning their just rewards.
The myth of nothing is impossible might just be true.

For the up and coming generation, and speaking as the father of two young women starting their own career journeys, I sincerely hope that the power and relevance of the Johnnie Walker ‘Call to Adventure’ endures.

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