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The Joy Of Schex. Part 1

There are times when work and play; inspiration and application; risk and reward really do come together. Trans IP has arrived from Holland this week offering a new internet service to the nations entrepreneurs with a simple ambition – to be at the nexus of the fast evolving digital tech community.

As Trans IP’s creative agency, we have had some great fun with our experiential partners and best pals, The Field, in creating a pop up hub for entrepreneurs. 3-10 Shoreditch High Street has received a make over called Inspiration Centraal  in a  celebration of #schexytech. Yesterdays opening of the hub saw some fabulous and diverse perspectives on the world around us from some world renowned entrepreneurs.

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Juliana Rotich the charismatic cofounder of Ushahidi – the Swahili word for “testimony” was first up and spoke movingly of the challenges for Africa and the developing world in times of crisis. The development of Ushahidi’s Crisisnet;The firehose of global crisis data was humbling and inspiring in equal measure.

Michael Acton-Smith, games genius and inventor of Mind Candy and Moshi Monsters was human, hilarious, honest and highly engaging from start to finish with telling insights and advice on what not to do as well as what to do when starting on the development journey to Unicorn nirvana. His observations on The Swipe Generation, where our kids views and expectations will drive new standards in user experience, were disarmingly simple yet devastingly far-reaching.

Two very different entrepreneurs with two very different missions, but united by a simple joy in believing technology can enhance the experience of life in whatever context. The Joy of Schex and #schexytech is alive and well and set for a good week in Shoreditch. Bring it on.

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