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Britain, a nation of winkers

I’m a huge fan of the emoji and their evolution, I often use emojis to add colour and emphasise certain emotions in my daily black and white conversations. I do enjoy sending emojis to certain individuals (NEIL) who dislike them 🙂

Last week I came across this interesting article which talks about countries and their favourite emojis, I was intrigued to discover that Italian men are particularly fond of the banana.. strange.

What’s your favourite emoji? Good old fashioned smiley is a winner for me.

Over the past few years, many Brands have deviated from traditional advertising and become increasingly conversational with consumers on social media. Personally, I quite enjoy this interaction (in moderation, of course). Usually when I post something and a Brand reposts, I feel appreciated and acknowledged or when I rant on twitter and I receive an apology comment from the Brand’s account. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some epic failings but that’s not to say it’s all awful.

In this short video, Tshepo Mokoena argues that corporate communication has taken a wrong turn and that Brands are not our friends. It may only be to the liking of a few of us but apparently passive to the majority. However, I do agree with her end point about where this is going and what’s next.. thought provoking.

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