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“On a steel horse I ride…”

Notwithstanding the fact that one of my colleagues nearly lost his life cycling home last night…clipped by a psycho nutter who stopped long enough to check that my hapless colleague was alive before sprinting off, I have to admit that I am finding the process of cycling around London transformational. The secrets of London history are unfolding beneath my wheels. Blue plaques of historical significance pop up as if by magic.Buildings are rising and falling before my eyes. The very fabric of London, new and old, mesh seemlessly in one giant map as I scan around on my trusted TFL steed.

Deathtraps!! You may shout back at me while reading this, but the very defiant act of liberation away from the tyranny of the underground, strike or no strike; or buses trapped in cul de sacs of traffic cones and high res jackets feels like the stuff of zeitgeist.Millions of us have now awoken from an Orwellian world of sullen resignation and have reclaimed the streets of London and their professional sanity through certainty of arrival and a certain wide awake, if slightly flushed, sentience of being. Woo hoo!

Add in a bit of Jon Bon Jovi for good measure as I ride away from the sunset and towards the Shard of Hope at London Bridge and the mood of empowered transformation is complete…

Like the great man, JBJ, might have sung

“I’m an account guy, on a steel horse I ride
I’m wanted (wanted) dead or alive
I’m an account guy, I got the bike on my side
I’m wanted (wanted) dead or alive
And I ride, dead or alive
I still cycle  dead or alive
Dead or alive, dead or alive, dead or alive, dead or alive”

Thankfully and joyfully.

Love it!

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