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Stuff I learned about the yoof of today

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Thinkbox event ‘The Truth about Youth’ at BAFTA. The session was dedicated to getting under the skin of the ever elusive yoofs of today, sharing with us their research on 16-24yr old’s behaviours and attitudes towards media consumption and advertising.

I generally find these advertising and marketing sessions pretty hit and miss, more often than not, the speakers regurgitate overused and unoriginal content (shit), in the most boring way possible, leaving me with no choice but to catch up on some napping time. This was not one of those events. The effervescent and brilliantly funny Billie JD Porter hosted an array of interesting and informed talks, with some actually, really bloody good speakers – shout out Karl Guard. Below, are some of my key take outs, for your satisFACTion… (yup I did that).

  • TV still accounts for the majority of all UK video consumption. This equates to 81% for all UK and 65% for 16-24yr olds.
  • Despite the rhetoric of Google and Netflix bigwigs, VOD services currently only account for 2% of all UK video consumption with good old fashioned porn still being watched more than these services, including, YouTube! Wit woo.
  • TV (video/audio) advertising was cited as the most trusted form of advertising by the age group, who will avoid, skip or ignore most other forms of advertising.
  • Ads cutting through to this generation are those that feature relevant personalities, make them giggle, have a good soundtrack and interestingly defy expected formats. Think PPI on acid instead of steroids.
  • Moet is ACTUALLY pronounced with a hard T, as the founder Claude Moet was of Dutch heritage. Take that snobs.
  • I am no longer technically classed as The Youth. EH? But I’m still in my twenties?!? Devos. OMG. WTF. #old

So, what does this all mean? It’s not rocket science but it’s certainly reaffirming.

Firstly, acting on assumption with a demographic you are far removed from – “oh, wait don’t they like using that Twitter lark” – is a big mistake. Don’t be lazy. Do your research. Talk to some actual young people or whichever group of humans you’re targeting.

Secondly, as people become more ad wary and brand savvy, it is more important than ever for advertising and marketing to be created from great and relevant ideas, born from brands that understand their brand essence, and can articulate their purpose in an ever deafening marketplace. It is NOT about “let’s do something for social media”. You’ve got to make the trousers fit the man, not the man fit the trousers.

So, big up Thinkbox. Great day, comfy chairs, spectacular nibbles, a smorgasbord of refreshing speakers (one of whom’s lap I accidentally sat on mid-nibbling the aforementioned snacks, tots mortified) and a thoroughly engaging experience. Job well done.

If you fancy it, you can watch it back here – there are some interesting slides and factual stuff on the website too. Go take a look.

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