Beat the blockers

If you’ve been following the recent furore about the growth of ad blockers, you’ll know that online advertising is facing a few challenges. Consumers ignoring – or claiming to ignore – ads is nothing new, but having the power to stop ads appearing altogether seems to be putting the wind up some in the industry.

It shouldn’t. The objective is the same as it’s always been: produce work that’s good enough to reward people for watching it.

That’s why I like the latest Geico ads that pop up regularly on sites I visit. Not only do they acknowledge that many people skip ads on video channels, they’ve made this insight central to the creative idea, and managed to subvert it to such an extent that I deliberately watched a 10 second online bumper for over a minute. It’s here:

Geico is a well-established brand with a simple USP but that shouldn’t detract from the strength of the creative, which actually made me laugh out loud.

Original? No: Lt. Frank Drebin, Police Squad and Red Rock Cider used the same gambit years ago. But they make me smile, and, more importantly, I watch them.

The games afoot, creatives…


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