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Taking the pils

Last night (October 6) saw the inaugural ‘Sundowner Symposium’, a nattily-titled evening of alcohol themed chat at Brand Exchange. It’s the first of a series of booze-based talks that we at Breakfast are putting on over the next six months, with the objective of encouraging debate (and drinking) amongst notable drinks industry names.

The star attraction at last night’s event was Charlie Hiscocks, Global Brand Communications Director at SAB Miller. Charlie was ably supported by Amy Turner, Marketing and Sales Director at the Bluestone Brewing Company.

After bribing the assembled crowd with free Pilsner Urquell, Charlie gave an unsurprisingly receptive audience a fascinating insight into global beer trends and, in particular, SAB Miller’s commitment to a global, but at the same time predominantly local, industry. In his view, the potential of the global lager market – the most valuable sector in the drinks market – is massive, and with their commitment to the quality of their beer, SAB Miller are perfectly positioned to profit from this.

At the other end of the spectrum, Amy described the transformation of her parents’ organic farm into a brewery that now produces delicious Bluestone craft ales. Located on the western periphery of mainland Britain, Bluestone has grown significantly over the past couple of years and secured a toehold in a number of local pubs, hotels and restaurants. With its distinctive branding, Bluestone might soon find that demand for their delicious brews extends beyond their immediate heartland.

In between these two expert speakers, some other chap got up and showed some classic lager commercials from the past 40 years. Here’s photographic proof:


All in all, a fascinating and enjoyable evening. If you missed it, tough. But the good news is that we will be hosting further events over the next few months. Next up: gin.

If you’d like to attend, get in touch via our website or email info@breakfastagency.com.

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