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Wonder if we’ll get a plaque…

Five years ago, Breakfast (along with our lovely office mates Live & Breathe) made the short journey from a pokey Regent Street bolt hole to the equally prestigious but significantly more spacious environs of Golden Square.


All good things must come to an end, however, and with our current building having been sold, we’re off to pastures new. More details to follow shortly, but let’s just say there will be fewer tourists (and shopping opportunities) in our new neighbourhood.

I have been through a few office moves – my first, after 13 years in one location, was a particular wrench – but this will be a tough one too. After years working in Soho from time to time, actually being located in advertising’s traditional heartland has been very enjoyable. Despite its homogenisation it remains something of a village, with a familiar and friendly face never too far away.

When anything comes to an end, it’s natural to feel a sense of melancholy. Saying goodbye to Steve, the friendly doorman at my first office block was strangely emotional, and remains with me now, although that might be because he (very professionally) only told me on that last day about two former colleagues of mine who’d been sneaking off to the underground car park for a quickie every lunchtime. Either they were oblivious to the CCTV cameras or didn’t care. I suspect it was the latter.

My favourite Golden Square memories include the bomb squad blowing up an abandoned trolley case as I was mid-presentation (I carried on without blinking, like a true pro, until my client made me stop because she was terrified), people watching at lunchtime, reading the abundant blue plaques, and finding out that the Korean restaurant which never seems to have any patrons may well be making ends meet via non-food-related-but-not-entirely-surprising-given-its-Soho-location means. Allegedly.

And of course, spotting various celebrities (and resident Steve Parrish) on their way to and from meetings in one of the world’s most vibrant creative centres.

It’s been fun, G Sq. We’ll miss you.


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