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Breakfast in the Baltics

Last Wednesday, three of your esteemed Breakfasters (not to be confused with Brexiters) took advantage of our nation’s current standing as a fully-fledged EU member to make a red-tape free visit to Riga. As we disembarked our Wizz Air flight and emerged through security, Latvia’s press were out in force to film the Breakfast crew, or more specifically, Ed*. He made a fantastic impression on his first visit in 2015, when he appeared on TV as a famous and widely-respected British marketing guru who also manufactures crystal meth.

Riga arrival

Ed filming Ed

*Of course it might be that the Latvian media were in fact there to capture more British immigrants coming over to claim Latvian benefits, abuse their healthcare system and drink their Riga Black Balsam. Or film their ice hockey team as they returned from a major international tournament. Who knows for sure?

Anyhow, after signing autographs we made our way to our hotel and prepared assiduously for the purpose of our visit, the Amber Beverage Group Global Marketing Conference. (These preparations involved downing several vodka shots sampling a couple of vodka brands and eating a lovely meal.)

Thursday’s conference was an opportunity to share the latest marketing initiatives for three of Amber’s brands with drinks industry bigshots. One of those brands is our newest and biggest account win, Moskovskaya vodka.

Mosko display

We won the account in January after a long and fiercely contested pan-European pitch and our winning idea is now ready to go live.

Our work was unveiled at the conference to a very positive reception, complemented by some spectacular dance pyrotechics (they’re big on dancing in Latvia). See below (the car tyres those fellas used as props aren’t quite visible in this shot, but video footage does exist for the curious. Contact us.)

Riga dancing

The next day we toured the factory that produces, amongst other brands, Moskovskaya, Stolichnaya, Riga Black Balsam, Riga Black Vodka and Amber Vodka, before returning to the UK. Many thanks to our friends at the Amber Beverage Group for their hospitality.

We hope to be heading back out to Riga soon to carry on the good work. In the meantime, read vodka experts’ reviews of Moskovskaya here


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