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Just doing my job

I had considered writing an article about the referendum, but who really needs another one of those? Instead, I thought I might address a related matter by imagining the following scenario:

Phone rings. I pick up.

Neil? It’s Dave – Dave Cameron.

Hi Dave. Nice job.

Thanks. How are the kids?

You need to read my blog, Dave.

Ha! I should have time soon. Anyway, I have a bit of a problem. It appears that since the referendum, incidences of racism have risen significantly.  What do you suggest?

Give me a couple of minutes, Dave.

Scribbles furiously.

How about this Dave? Just read it out on radio and TV. It might help.

A majority of you have voted for our country to leave the European Union.

The long and complex process of negotiating our exit will begin under my replacement as Prime Minister.

No one knows what will emerge from those negotiations.

However, it is important that you do know the following:

I have their word that none of my immediate potential successors as Prime Minister will be asking anyone who is currently legally living in our country to leave.

In other words, not a single individual or family living here now will be ‘going home’.

This is where they live.

This is where they go to school.

This is where they work.

They are home.

Whether they arrived from countries in the European Union or not, whether they are Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Jew, they are here to stay, should they wish to.

If you think by voting for Britain to leave the EU you voted to expel immigrants, I am afraid you are mistaken.

If you don’t like it, and instead choose to harass, intimidate or threaten other people, you’re not welcome here.

This is Britain, and that’s not what we do.

If you don’t like it, you might want to leave yourself.

The good news is that for a little while at least, you still can.

What do you reckon, Dave?

I like it. I’ll just go and run it past Boris…






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