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Mosko next time

Last Monday (July 4th), we held the fourth of our irregular Sundowner Socials at Brand Exchange.


After whisky, beer and gin, it was vodka’s turn in the spotlight, as we welcomed Amber Beverage Group (ABG) CEO Seymour Ferreira to town.

The more eagle-eyed of you may have spotted that Amber are our latest client, as we are launching/ relaunching Moskovskaya vodka across various parts of the globe.

The team

The A team (Mr T sent his apologies)

After Brand Exchange owner David Haigh set the scene with some crisp analysis of the changing face of the global drinks market, Seymour’s entertaining talk began with an insight into the Baltic nations, three very different countries united by a shared history as part of the USSR. Amber are the dominant drinks company in the region and are looking to expand overseas, with Moskovskaya leading the charge.


Seymour makes his point

As well as vodka (Stolichnaya and Riga Black amongst others), ABG’s best known product is Riga Black Balsam, the national drink of Latvia. This distinctive concoction of 24 grasses, roots, berries and buds is revered in its home country and still credited with any number of healing and restorative properties. Our audience were treated to free shots and a variety of beguiling cocktails, accompanied as is the custom by bread, cheese and cured meats.

Seymour’s speech hardly needed artificial stimulus, but the positive reaction to his company’s flagship product ensured his breezy and informative presentation received a very positive reaction from the packed house.

After a brief diversion during which I shared our launch campaign for Moskovskaya, Seymour wrapped up by explaining his plans to grow ABG’s market share outside of the Baltics. Hopefully ads like this will help:


The sixty-strong audience then retired downstairs to neck shots of Moskovskaya and pose for selfies with Ed.


Ed with an admirer or two

We enjoyed the evening immensely and have had some very positive feedback from guests.

If you’d like to know more about our work for Moskovskaya or are interested in attending any future sessions please get in touch with ewill@breakfastagency.com.

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